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The success of a travel business rests on offering the right inventories at the right time to your customers. This boosts the customer experience and further enhances the company's business sales and performance. However, setting up a website and bringing together all the hotel inventory in one place can be quite a task. This is where Rayna Hotel XML API comes into picture.

Rayna Hotel XML API is a seamless and technologically advanced web services that can be easily integrated into your travel website. By installing the Hotel XML API, you get quick and easy access to a wide range of renowned hotel chains, hotel suppliers and direct contractors. This would make it possible for you to easily cater to the different demands and requirements of your clients.

Apart from offering a huge range of accommodation options, the API would provide your customers with all the important information, including prices, facilities, location information, room availability, etc.

The best thing about Rayna Hotel XML API is that only a single API integration is needed to boost the growth of your Travel Business. This system helps you to provide results that match the exact requirements of your clients by using multiple supplier sources and direct Contracts. The API is for all kinds of travel business models and offers wide-ranging global hotel content along with the best deals.

Global API - Achieve Business Excellence. Access to Top-Notch Travel Content

Expand Your Business Reach

Integrating the Rayna Tours API system with your website allows you and your customers immediate access to our extensive inventory of accommodation options. The platform is extremely user-friendly and has a plethora of hotels available in different ranges. Your business flourishes with not only the existing customers but also new ones.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Make the job of booking hotels and accommodations for your holiday more comfortable. Utilizing our hotel API lets your customers search from an array of hotels and book it in just a few clicks.

Reduce Operational Expenses

Your customers can search for available hotels seamlessly, at great prices, and without any difficulty. This, in turn, will save time and cut down the operational costs. We offer integration of the Rayna Tours API for a one-time fee, and there will be no other expenditure incurred in the future.

Custom Integration Solutions

A significant highlight of using the Rayna Tours API is that it can be smoothly integrated and conveniently used with your own system. This way, the hotel booking engine asks for real-time information from the Rayna Tours system, and the customers can see instant search results on your website. You can choose a design as per your liking, and in case you need it, there is an option to include a payment gateway too.

Online Travel Agency
Tour Operator
Travel Management Companies
  • The Activities API has flexible scalability and is easy to setup and implement.
  • The system is reliable, secure and robust.
  • As it is already established, you do not have to spend time and money in developing and marketing it.
  • The API system has been built on scalable open system architecture.
  • The API system offers optimized products solutions on a continued basis.
  • Your customers would be able to access real time streaming of the prices of the products.
  • Restful API format with XML or Json responses are also available.
  • Your customers or users would be able to access the best handpicked attractions and excursions.
  • Users would be provided with the best customer care service. Apart from this, you would also receive world-class support from Rayna Tours.
  • Activities API comes with global content that covers more than 50 countries from all around the world.
  • The app is user-friendly. Searching and booking packages becomes an extremely easy process.
  • Activities API is a global API that would be advantageous for online travel agency, travel management companies and tour operators.
USP of Hotel XML API

Rayna's Activities API gives you access to travel packages for more than 50 countries around the world.

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